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Session At The Cottage (GC 111)

A huge raft of some of our favorite Irish traditional tunes featuring many old classics and a few new ones. Twenty-one tracks of (mostly) straight-ahead trad. $16.50 (includes shipping).

Listen on mp3:

Hag With The Money
Reel of Mullinavat
Vincent et Gilles


The Rambler (GC 201)

Dan Compton and Fran Slefer’s debut duo CD from 2002. Traditional, contemporary and original tunes on box, fiddle & guitar. Music from Ireland, France and Brittany, as well as their own imaginations. Special guest appearances by Mark Roberts on flute and Randy Vic on banjo. $16.50 (includes shipping).

Listen on mp3:

Le Froid d’Hiver
The Walk Home
Les Douanniers


Walking in the Neighborhood (GC 202)

A digitally remastered reissue of Dan’s solo fingerstyle guitar album recorded way back in 1985. A mix of Gershwin, O’Carolan, traditional dance tunes, and original pieces. Guests include Kevin Burke on fiddle, Mick Doherty on hammer dulcimer, and Sylvia Hackathorn on synthesizer. $16.50 (includes shipping).

Listen on mp3:

March of the Artichoke


Jigsaw: Cut Up the Floor

1996 recording of Portland-based dance band featuring Dan on fiddle, box and guitar; Clyde Curley on mandolin, banjo & fiddle; George Penk on fiddle; and Heather Pinney on piano and fiddle. A big favorite of the contradance scene. $16.50 (includes shipping).

The Walk Home

1998 Collection of Dan’s fiddle tunes, a number of which are recorded on The Rambler and Cut Up the Floor. $12 (includes shipping).

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Irish Session Repertoire CD's

From Dan’s popular Irish session class in Portland, these CDs feature commonly played session tunes played up to speed and then slowed down for ease of learning. Email us for track listings for each volume. $11.50 each (includes shipping).